Aims & Objectives




Joyful Home International main objectives are categorized to take care of the Physically challenged, Elderly People, Orphans, Widows & Widowers. The organization will focus on giving some affordable.

The organization will focus on giving some affordable funds to less privileged in their various communities to establish their own business. Organizing programs to educate them on their general well-being

To pursue activities to relieve suffering, and address the interest of the less privileged in order for them to also feel accepted and  live comfortable lives
To also improve the standard of health and some form of logistics when the organization grows


The following are activities to be carried out by JOYFUL HOME INTERNATIONAL to achieve its aims and objectives.
1. Mobilization of the less privileged in various communities and organize informal education for them on how to establish their own business by using their own resources together with the some funds that will be given to them.
2. The organization will provide the platform for the discussion of current issues and views affecting less privileged.
3. The organization will run training programs for the community members on sustaining their businesses and personal health hygiene.
4. The promotion of gender issues and empowering less privileged in all spheres of development.
5. The organization will provide consultancy services in all aspects of human development.
6.  Linking with other organizations, national and international, for exchange of information.
7. The organization will develop materials on types of local business in various communities
8. The organization will lobby for funds from other organizations and philanthropies to execute its plans for communities.


  • The funds of the organization will consist of:
  • Membership dues.
  • Endowments from any source
  • Donations and gifts
  • Proceeds from fund raising activities

Subventions and other grants in aid from any source


  • The organization will be headed by an Executive Director who will preside over all meetings and play a key role in formulating policies for the organization.
    There will be: (1) Co-coordinator of programs who will work very closely with the Executive Director to ensure that the organization’s programs are successfully carried out.
    The organization will also employ two or more secretaries whose duties will include;
    (i) The day to day running of the organization’s office.
    (ii) Carry out the resolutions of Board of Directors (BOD)
    (iii) Keep books of accounts and prepare records for the study of the Board of Directors.


The registered office of the organization will be headquartered at Abeka Lapaz in the Greater Accra Region.

The organization may open local field offices at any other location in Ghana or any other country as and when it becomes necessary.


Elections for positions on the executive council will be held or maintained for due diligence, committed and devoted behavior on his official duties nationwide.

Any office holder may be removed from office by two-thirds majority vote of members of the executive council on proof of incompetence or misdemeanor with the exception of the Founder and Chief Executive Officer(CEO)


It will comprise of knowledgeable inclined mentor all over the world by Learning, Gaining & Sharing of exclusively ideas to our key-targeted personalities and those within and out of our environs limitlessly.


The organization will affiliate with any other local or foreign related Non- governmental organizations working in the field of less privileged people, business, water aid, health and education in our society.


Membership will be by subscription.
1. Membership is open to individuals or organizations that are interested in helping Joyful Home International to achieve its aim and are approved by board of directors.
2. The board of directors may only refuse an application for membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interest of Joyful Home International to refuse the application.
3. Membership is not transferable to anyone else.
4. The board of directors must keep a register of names and addresses of members which must be made available to any member upon request.
5. The Board of Directors (BOD) can accept or co-opt other members who can be associate members or experts for projects when necessary.